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Here are some answers to the most asked questions. If you have a question that is not discussed here, give us a call at 281.345.6800 and we will be more than happy to talk with you.

Our staff does not groom one dog at a time. Dogs are bathed before they are groomed, even if they’ll be clipped short. While one dog is drying in a cage under a soft dryer, another is being washed. It doesn’t make much sense to stand around waiting for a dog to dry when you can stay busy working on another. Blow dryers are great, but dogs are not particularly fond of the noise and will only take so much before they object.

By the time two or three dogs are washed, the first dog bathed is dry and ready to be groomed. It might seem silly to wash a dog’s thick coat when it’s going to be clipped short. But we do this because a clipper blade forced through a dirty coat not only takes twice as long but also the haircut looks choppy and unprofessional.

Other interruptions are inevitable—the phone rings and dogs are continuously checked in and out of our spaw. No doubt, there’s going to be more than a few messes to clean up. Additionally, some dogs have never been groomed before. They need extra time to overcome the fear of the unknown. The safety and comfort of your furry pal come first. We never rush.

All dogs should be on an internal flea preventative. Fleas can be spread without dog-to-dog contact. They live in grass, waiting for a host. They live in your carpet, on squirrels, birds, and all other manners of critters. Fleas are a nuisance, no doubt, but for about $8 a month your dog can be flea-free. Please see your vet for the right flea preventative for your dog.

*Note: It is our experience that over-the-counter remedies such as flea collars, shampoos, and sprays do not work well, if at all. Fleas are resourceful little creatures that hide in your dog’s nose and ears as soon as the water hits, and they stay 6 inches away from any flea collar. That is why you won't find them for sale here at Groomingdales Spaw.

The general rule for most dogs that require regular grooming is every four to six weeks. Poodles, Shih Tzus, and Maltese fit into this category. Other breeds are done less often and are at the owner’s discretion. Some examples are Shepherds, Great Pyrs, and St. Bernards.

We use a special "whitening" shampoo that removes all the dirt and oils from the fur, leaving your pet clean and white.

Rushing a dog through the grooming process stresses both the animal and our staff, who has to hurry, and that is just not comfortable for either party. However, if you wish to have your dog at the front of the line, we do have an express fee. Please see our PRICE page. This fee compensates the groomer and bather who care for your dog on a first-out basis.

As for being crated, we promise, your dog loves it here. There are smells to investigate, sounds to pay attention to, and so many new friends to make. They all nap. They all sit and watch the constant activity. They talk to their neighbor. They are also loved while they are here, constantly talked to, and pet by our staff. They are in and out of their crates for bathing, grooming, and potty breaks.

We make every effort to contact owners/pet parents before closing time, but when we are unable to contact you, we set your fur kid up with food, water, and a comfortable place to sleep for the night. There is a regular boarding charge added to your bill according to the size/weight of your pet. Pick-up must be before noon the next day to avoid another half-day boarding charge.

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